Although the UK’s recycling efforts are on the rise, there is still so much more that can be done to help reduce the number of waste material being sent to landfill sites.

Below are several key facts about the effects recycling has on the planet:
  • On average a UK family will throw away six trees worth of paper in their household bin in just one year.
  • Two-thirds of paper is recycled, making it one of the main materials recycled in the UK.
  • Four billion trees are cut down worldwide every year for paper. Amazingly, that’s one per cent of the Amazon Rainforest – every single year.
  • 24 trees are used to make just one tonne of paper.
  • In the UK alone, if each person were to recycle just 10% more paper than they currently do, approximately five millions trees would be saved each year.
  • An incredible 103,000 double-decker buses could be filled with the amount of wastepaper that is sent to landfills every year.
  • Paper remains one of the most recycled materials in the UK today.
  • It takes 70% less energy to recycle paper than it does to make it from raw materials.
  • Around 80% of paper in the UK is recycled.
  • If old newspapers weren’t recycled we would need to cut down an astounding 300 million trees each year just to read the daily issues.

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