Our Mission

Here at Green Plan-it we are serious about shredding.

Why We Shred Your Confidential Waste 

Using a shredding service not only has substantial cost saving benefits, but it also allows you to remain GDPR compliant by assuring complete data protection. 

Since all businesses and individuals hold some kind of information, it is all the easier for criminals to prey on unwitting entities who do not employ necessary security measures to protect themselves against data breaches. One of the best ways to keep you from being one of the casualties is to ensure that all your data is handled appropriately and shredded securely.

Organisations found to be in breach of the Data Protection Act could be liable to face fines up to £18,000.000 as well as the on-going damage to their brand and reputation. Securely shredding your documents has numerous benefits not just from a business perspective but also from a personal standpoint.

5 Steps to Success


5 Steps to Success

To continue running successfully, we follow these five steps:

Reliable – You can depend on our services no matter the size of the collection.

Passionate – Here at Green Plan-It we love shredding and recycling, that’s why we offer a range of services to our customers.

Efficient – When undertaking a service, our team are incredibly professional and finish their tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Flexible – We know circumstances can change quickly, we are always happy to help in any way where possible.

Knowledgeable – Our team is made up of experts in not only shredding, but Recycling and Waste Management.

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Regular Shredding Service

Find out more about Green Plan-it's regular confidential waste shredding services.


One-Off Shredding Service

Green Plan-it provides one-off confidential waste collections across the UK.